Godromo’s Photo Editor

What is it?

Godromo’s Photo Editor is a photo editor that has been designed to harness the power of your computer to speed up all the work you do with your photos. It’s is also a web or online editor, so there is no need to install anything.

Unlike other editors, this one has been designed to be fast and extremely easy to use.

Most of the work you perform to your photos is previewed ‘instantly’ so you can see what the final result will look like. You also can use the navigator on the image panels to get a closer look how the final photo will look like.


What makes it fast?

Godromo Photo Editor uses the power of your computer, tablet or phone to perform all the calculations needed to edit your photos locally without the need to talk with another computer on the internet. This makes it run really fast.

Here at, we have also developed technology to improve responsiveness. For example, we have created our own custom jpeg engine, petitóJPEG, which allows us to optimize the user experience both in speed and quality.

Big photo support

Unlike other online editors, with godromo’s photo editor you can open picture of up to 64 megapixels in size or up to a maximum of 8191 pixels of either width or height. We are trying to design an editor that is as fast as
possible, but the final speed of the editor will depend on your device; tablets and phones will usually be slower than a desktop or laptop computer.

Older devices with less resources may impose limits on how big can be the photos you can edit with GPE.

Instant editor

We like to call GPE an ‘instant editor’. Whenever you perform changes to your photos all changes are displayed and previewed as you make them. This makes it easier to achieve your desired results and cuts back on the number of steps necessary to perform your editions.

For example using the rotate mode you can turn a picture an arbitrary number of degrees. If you applied effects to your picture before, like a change in contrast, brightness, saturation or hue, all the effects are still applied and displayed to you in realtime while you rotate the
picture in the preview panel.

It doesn’t matter how many changes you did, they will all be applied simultaneously as you are turning the picture with the turning slider so you can see how the final result will look like. Also, if you want inspect the
final photo in detail you can always use the navigator.


PetitóJPEG is the jpeg engine inside Godromo Photo Editor. We went ahead and built our own jpeg engine so we could have more control on the speed, the quality, size and feature set of this important part of any photo editor. GPE being a web only product we wanted to make sure this part was well covered.

Navigate your photos

Using the navigating controls under the image panels you can quickly zoom in, zoom out, see the actual size of the image. The navigator is available in most image panels.

Use the editor now