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What is goDromo Media Transcoder?

goDromo Media Transcoder is:

  • a native cloud app that you use from the web but runs locally in your computer at native speeds
  • software you don’t download or install, and you use visiting a web page
  • a powerful audio/video processing tool that lives on the web
  • a system in which you can create your own audio/video tools with a few clicks of the mouse
  • a free service anyone with a computer and an internet connection can use

gMT editor creating a converter optimized for the Apple iPad

How does it work?

A profile is created using the gMT editor. With it you can configure over 400 settings and formats that will determine the behavior of gMT when it’s run. Once a profile has been created, you can run it visiting it’s public url with your browser.

Then some magic happens.

gMT determines what browser and what operating system you are using, and it will load in your browser a version of vgtmpeg that has been compiled specifically for your system. Using the settings from the original profile you created vgtmpeg is run. This is a native process in your computer so it runs as fast as it would if you would run it as a standalone application. Better yet, when gMT is run, you don’t have to deal with any of this, the web GUI manages everything for you.

What can I do with gMT?

goDromo Media Transcoder is very versatile. From h264 encoders, mpeg encoders, audio extractors  to mp4 and mkv remuxers. The current versions of gMT are geared towards file conversion and optimization, but we are planning on adding a lot more features. Look a few examples:


An iPhone converter,

An audio extractor from any media file,

An any format to mp4 remuxer,

A WEBM creator,

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