goDromo Media Transcoder 0.2.1 released

After a few weeks of silence we are releasing goDromo Media Transcoder 0.2.1. This new version brings  a wealth of new features to our free online media transcoding service.

  • More formats. gMT now supports a huge list of encoding,decoding and muxing formats. Here is the full list.
  • More settings, more flexibility. The gMT system now exposes up to 257 settings available for configuring. There is an extensive list of settings here
  • More help. The gMT editor has been updated to support the all the new settings and contextual help has been added. We’ve also added online documentation so you can learn how to create your own profiles easily
  • Sharing your profiles. You can now share profiles easily from the profile page. Here is an example of an iPad profile converter and optimizer with the sharing buttons on top
  • A lot more
Start using one of our most used profiles or create your own now.
As you may have noticed we have changed the name of our transcoding service from goDromo Video Convert to goDromo Media Transcoder. We realized that gMT can do a lot more than just video conversions so we see the  video convert service as a subset of what you can accomplish with gMT.