vgtmpeg 1.4.62 is out: now faster and more featured

We just released a new version of vgtmpeg 1.4.62 with a wealth of fixes an improvements. Upgrading to this version is highly recommended specially for those people who use the DVD and BluRay features. This is the official changelog for this release:

- fixed report duration from DVD parsing. some DVDs were reporting wrong length
- libdvdread messages are now only seen when set logging to verbose
- fix important issue with some DVDs where a whole cell would be skipped
- DVD urls are not reported with / slashes
- speed improvements when opening DVDs with lots of titles (30+)
- libvpx bumped up to 1.0.0
- bluray now much richer with chapters, language on audio tracks

Bluray input is now vastly improved and much more integrated into vgtmpeg/ffmpeg. For example metadata available in Bluray like chapters, language tags is now passed to the output format (mp4,mkv..) if the format allows it. This was available before on DVD inputs too.

vgtmpeg 1.4.62 has been synced up with the lastest version of ffmpeg which now includes a native bluray folder parser. vgtmpeg’s seems however to more featured. This release contains both bluray parsers so you can use whichever one you please.

As always this release comes precompiled and ready to use for Windows, MacOS X and Linux and available in intel versions for both 32 and 64 bit. That’s a total of 6 platforms! phew

Drop me a line if there are any issues.

Get it here now