gMT 0.7.8 is out! now with DVD support, drag and drop and more

Today marks the release of the combo gMT/vgtmpeg to version 0.7.8. From the changelog:

  •  Introducing DVD folder support! Now you can use DVDs as input
  •  MP3 support! We’ve added liblame to the stock vgtmpeg so you can now use it in your converters
  •  Drag and Drop support! You can now simply drop files into the gMT cloud native app. DVD folders, DVD  ISO files are allowed too. Just throw anything at it and it should accept is as input.

The big bump in the version number is due to the fact that a lot of improvements have been added under the hood. Upgrading to the latest version of vgtmpeg, and most importantly the addition of DVD support. Now you can use DVDs in gMT as any other input source. Legacy profiles using version lock should also get advantage when the profile owner updates the version lock. Those profiles not using version lock should automatically get all the new features.

You can also now drag and drop files onto the gmt cloud native app  which makes it even easier to use.