vgtmpeg 1.2.11 released

vgtmpeg 1.2.11 adds Xvid as a supported encoder. After some testing it has become clear to me that the stock MPEG4 encoder is of rather poor quality, and for those who are still targeting MPEG4/MP3 on AVIs seemed like adding a rock solid MPEG4 encoder was a necessity.

There is more though…

Xvid 1.3.2 seems to support multi-threaded encoding so I spent sometime making sure that threading support was enabled in all platforms. They also seem to have some hand assembly done for both x86_32 and x86_64 so speed should be pretty decent across the board.

Another interesting addition in vgtmpeg 1.2.11 is that now the audio metadata found in the IFO files of the DVD is passed through to the stream metadata architecture of libavformat. This has nice side effects:

  • some output muxes, like mp4 and mkv will now fill in correct language information straight from the DVD on the respective audio output tracks. I’ve tried this with VLC and seems to work well.

You can learn more and download vgtmpeg in the project homepage

And last but not least,

Happy Christmas to everybody