Running gMT and vgtmpeg 64bit on Windows

goDromo Media Transcoder has always had the ability to run on 64bit on Windows from day one. You can learn more about how to configure browsers for 64bit operation on window in this support page.

However the lack of 64bit browsers has been a challenge to go 64bit. Things are getting better though, and with today’s release of Chrome on 64bit for Windows, albeit only on the dev channel for the moment, you can now use 64bit on Windows. 64bit Chrome OS X is still missing though. Hopefully it will come online soon.

There are many benefits about running goDromo Media Transcoder on 64bit, the main one being performance. In our tests 64bit gMT is about 15-20% faster than the 32bit counterpart. You can check the support page to know more about 64bit mode but you can always check the task manager on Windows 8 to see if gMT/vgtmpeg is running in 64 bit mode.


vgtmpeg screaming through a transcode at 64bit speeds on Windows 8.1

Happy 64bit Transcoding!!