vgtmpeg 2.0.35 released!

Thanks to some user bug reports we found a few bugs on 2.0.34 which have been able to quickly fix and do a new 2.0.35 release with the touchups. The 2.x series of vgtmpeg brought us full support for h265 encoding (thanks to x265) and vp9. Here is the changelog so far:

- fixed bug that was disabling keyboard interaction while in ffmpeg mode

- added h265 encoding support with x265
- added vp9 encoding support and libvpx-vp9
- vgtmpeg now comes with 384 codecs and 270 formats by default without extra libraries. see ‘vgtmpeg -codecs’ and ‘vgtmpeg -formats’ for actual list
- this version is merged off ffmpeg version 2.5.4
- now compatible ffmpeg version is reported in command line. System integrators can use this to gauge ffmpeg compatilibity.
- vgtmpeg does no longer need explicit ‘-map’ command line settings to map intput streams to output streams. Defaults are provided if not indicated.
- updated libdvdread to 5.x series and released vgtmpeg version in github
- miscellaneous bugfixes


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