vgmpeg 4.0.24 released

A new updated release of vgmpeg has been released. Head over to the download page to get it. Here’s the changelog:

4.0.24 (rc1):
- Merge with ffmpeg 4.0 series. vgtmpeg should now be more compatible with 4.0+ ffmpeg
- Versioning scheme now makes it easier to identify upstream ffmpeg branch. {ffmpeg_ver}.{vgtmpeg_rev}
- DVD/bluray urls no longer needs explicit output mapping. Default, titles, video and audio tracks are selected. This fixes common error “Output file #0 does not contain any stream” when not specifying mapping
- libx265/libx264/libvpx updated to latest versions
- libfaac AAC encoder dropped in favor of the much higher quality fdk-aac. Use encoder ‘libfdk_aac’ to use this aac encoder
- 32bit binaries have been deprecated for all platforms