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Running gMT and vgtmpeg 64bit on Windows

goDromo Media Transcoder has always had the ability to run on 64bit on Windows from day one. You can learn more about how to configure browsers for 64bit operation on window in this . However the lack of 64bit browsers has been a challenge to go 64bit. Things are getting better though, and with today’s release [...]

Feed any file to VirtualDub and give your SSD a workout!

I was playing today with our beloved VirtualDub when I realized that after all these years it still mainly supports mostly just AVI’s for input. This is probably a design decision from Avery Lee to keep things simple. For a video editor like VirtualDub where precise frame access is crucial, all file formats that use inter [...]

having problems with MacOS X Mavericks? We got you covered!

Apple has changed once again the plumbing for plugins and specially java on MacOS X Mavericks and Safari. We have updated our so you can setup things properly and you can continue using goDromo Media Transcoder with the new flagship operating system from Apple.