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vgmpeg 4.0.24 released

A new updated release of vgmpeg has been released. Head over to the download page to get it. Here’s the changelog: 4.0.24 (rc1): – Merge with ffmpeg 4.0 series. vgtmpeg should now be more compatible with 4.0+ ffmpeg – Versioning scheme now makes it easier to identify upstream ffmpeg branch. {ffmpeg_ver}.{vgtmpeg_rev} – DVD/bluray urls no [...]

vgtmpeg 2.0.35 released!

Thanks to some user bug reports we found a few bugs on 2.0.34 which have been able to quickly fix and do a new 2.0.35 release with the touchups. The 2.x series of brought us full support for h265 encoding (thanks to x265) and vp9. Here is the changelog so far: 2.0.35 – fixed bug [...]

having problems with MacOS X Mavericks? We got you covered!

Apple has changed once again the plumbing for plugins and specially java on MacOS X Mavericks and Safari. We have updated our so you can setup things properly and you can continue using goDromo Media Transcoder with the new flagship operating system from Apple.

vgtmpeg 1.4.62 is out: now faster and more featured

We just released a new version of vgtmpeg 1.4.62 with a wealth of fixes an improvements. Upgrading to this version is highly recommended specially for those people who use the DVD and BluRay features. This is the official changelog for this release:

goDromo Media Transcoder 0.2.6 is out! Check it out while it lasts

Today brings us a new release of gMT. This release includes mostly bugfixes but it also adds the support for . All profiles that are not using should be using 0.2.6 automatically.

goDromo Video Convert is here

Today we are presenting the initial release of goDromo Video Convert, a tool to convert and optimize videos that is extremely easy to use and yet it’s very powerful. If you want to learn more, keep reading after the break.