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goDromo Media Transcoder 0.8.6 released!

This is likely the most significant release of goDromo Media Transcoder. We won’t cover all the new features of this release but let’s just go over a few of the most important user facing features: version 0.8.6  Multiple transcode sessions per app. Just press on + and add as many transcode sessions as you may [...]

gMT 0.7.8 is out! now with DVD support, drag and drop and more

Today marks the release of the combo gMT/vgtmpeg to version 0.7.8. From the :  Introducing DVD folder support! Now you can use DVDs as input  MP3 support! We’ve added liblame to the stock so you can now use it in your converters  Drag and Drop support! You can now simply drop files into the gMT [...]

goDromo Media Transcoder 0.2.1 released

After a few weeks of silence we are releasing goDromo Media Transcoder 0.2.1. This new version brings  a wealth of new features to our free online media transcoding service.