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vgmpeg 4.0.24 released

A new updated release of vgmpeg has been released. Head over to the download page to get it. Here’s the changelog: 4.0.24 (rc1): – Merge with ffmpeg 4.0 series. vgtmpeg should now be more compatible with 4.0+ ffmpeg – Versioning scheme now makes it easier to identify upstream ffmpeg branch. {ffmpeg_ver}.{vgtmpeg_rev} – DVD/bluray urls no [...]

vgtmpeg 2.2.38 now out with ffmpeg 2.6.x compatibility

This new vgtmpeg release is a fork of ffmpeg 2.6.x series and should be fully compatible command line with ffmpeg 2.6. This release has been work on mostly bringing up all the vgtmpeg features in sync with the 2.6 series. Some system integrators may still rely on older versions so we are now making available [...]

vgtmpeg 2.0.35 released!

Thanks to some user bug reports we found a few bugs on 2.0.34 which have been able to quickly fix and do a new 2.0.35 release with the touchups. The 2.x series of brought us full support for h265 encoding (thanks to x265) and vp9. Here is the changelog so far: 2.0.35 – fixed bug [...]

vgtmpeg 1.4.62 is out: now faster and more featured

We just released a new version of vgtmpeg 1.4.62 with a wealth of fixes an improvements. Upgrading to this version is highly recommended specially for those people who use the DVD and BluRay features. This is the official changelog for this release:

vgtmpeg 1.3.22 released with Bluray support!

vgtmpeg 1.3.22 is the initial release to bring Bluray support into vgtmpeg. BD support is still experimental and not as mature as DVD support. Be sure to try it out and let us knows of problems you may find.

vgtmpeg 1.2.11 released

vgtmpeg 1.2.11 adds Xvid as a supported encoder. After some testing it has become clear to me that the stock MPEG4 encoder is of rather poor quality, and for those who are still targeting MPEG4/MP3 on AVIs seemed like adding a rock solid MPEG4 encoder was a necessity. There is more though…