When you first start gMT the browser will ask for your permission to use the app. goDromo Media Transcoder is a java app that has been digitally signed to certify it’s authenticity and improve security. We encourage and recommend you check for the signature information the first time you run the app.

On Windows

Make sure the name of the app is ‘’, the publisher is ‘nelalabs LLC’ and that the apps is being run from ‘’ like seen below:

On MacOS X

For comprehensive information on how to setup and allow the gMT on your browser when running MacOS X check out our dedicated page here.

Make sure that the app is being run from “”  and that the signature has been verified for “nelalabs LLC”. Also check the mark in ‘Allow all applets …’ so you are not prompted again for permission as seen below:

Last updated by alberto on December 10, 2016 at 21:58 UTC